Sunday, September 7, 2014

acidic princess

It's been about 2 weeks since I last posted and it feels like it has been forever! I guess I needed to take a little break from blogger for awhile but I have been really active on my Instagram @cybr.grl. I am literally on almost every second of every day. 
Here's a little outfit I put together (whenever I online shop, I always style outfits and write it down in a little notebook so I know what to save up for and buy and so I won't forget because I have the worst memory). The top is from O-Mighty, my #1 favorite store. I am slowly starting to grow a little O-Mighty collection. Unfortunately, the last time I bought from them, the stuff came 3 weeks late even though I paid extra for express shipping which was supposed to have my stuff mailed to me in 3-8 business days but I'm currently trying to work that out with them. The skirt is from Cosmo who is part of the band My Crazy Girlfriend. I got it from her Poshmark (this awesome app where you can sell and buy clothes and stuff for way cheaper than retail. I love sales!!!!) and she has a bunch of other cute stuff too so you guys should definitely check it out (her poshmark handle is cosmodoll4). The fuzzy jacket was from a storenvy seller for just $10 and the headband was from Adidas (technically, academy) courtesy for mi madre (love you, ma). 
Also, if you guys haven't noticed, I dyed my hair purple! It's not an obvious purple, sometimes it looks black but in the sun its like bam! Purple!!! I got it done at a salon which is a first because usually I just cut or dye my hair by myself. I wanted it silver but unfortunately my hair can't get that light :/ oh well. 

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