Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I got my sushi socks from Socksmax the other day and they are superb :) They're so cute and comfy and I will wear them til I am 98 years old and in a wheelchair. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

can you spare me some change

Leather Snapback // ebae
Overall Dress // Closet Monster on Storenvy
Bart Sweater // Amazon

Yesterday we headed to Austin's Park to celebrate my lil sister's birthday and it was pretty fun other than the fact that my feet were incredibly sore at the end of the day. We got to drive these drifting go karts and I fell behind really bad (it was the karts fault, I promise). I look quite pregnant in this picture but it was the darn wind blowing this way and that. But at the end of the day I got a compliment on my outfit from a bunch of middle school girls (one of them was wearing a shirt that said "Turn Up" on it so you can tell how turnt up they were) so that was nice. There was this one girl who was rocking this awesome outfit (white mesh top, leather tights, plaid shirt around the waist) and I wanted to ask her whether I could snap a picture of her but I didn't want to seem like a creeper (which I kind of already do right now, after admitting all this).

Saturday, April 26, 2014

interview time with...CAROLYN DOLLY

I had the incredible honor of interviewing the amazing Carolyn Dolly. She has an impeccable taste in fashion that I am envious of and also makes some pretty cool DIY stuff too. I cry whenever I check out her blog, supcarolyn, because I can only dream of dressing like her!!! She is not only extremely stylish but also really sweet so y'all should definitely check her out.

Tell us about yourself and where you live.
My name is Karolina but I love to call myself Carolyn Dolly. Dolls are fascinating with their emotionless faces and how easily you can manipulate them, but you can never break their plastic hearts. I live in a small town in Poland, full of judgemental people but it only helps me to gain more confidence.

What are your greatest passions?
Beside blogging I'm a really boring person but I would say my other passion is drawing. Art always sets me free although I'm not as good as you may think when I called it my passion. It's just a way of spending my free time, I don't feel comfortable without a blank piece of paper, for example when scrolling tumblr. I put random notes, doodles, designs and everything what comes on my mind there. The other one is surely writing. I'm not a talkative kind of person, that's why I've learned learned to lock myself with a notebook and let all the negative emotions go.

How did you first get into fashion and why is it important?
Well, I know nothing about fashion, designers and newest trends. I just try to wear clothes I like and which makes me happy. Why is it important? Your outfit is the way to introduce yourself without saying a word and that's the reason why we shouldn't dress the way people want us to do. Also fashion is the door to different life where I can be a better me.

Describe your personal style and its influences/inspirations.
It's pretty hard to categorize what's mostly going on in my head since I have so many weird and unconnected influences that it confuses me a lot. I'm interested in Japanese culture and Tokyo street style has been my personal fave for more than a year. Describing the way I dress isn't that easy but I'm a forever 90s kid with grungy vibes. Or at least I attempt to. I also like cute things like Hello Kitty and half of my accessories are pink. I don't wear them a lot, it's satisfying for me to just look at them.

Favorite labels or places to shop at?
I know so many cool labels but I'm forever broke so I often order from ebay and shop at local stores such as H&M and Tally Weijl. However, I don't really like going to shopping centres, it's boring to death and I find something really exciting in ordering from online stores when you wait a few weeks for your parcel to arrive but when it finally comes, ahhh the best feeling on the earth for a fashion blogger. Isn't it?

What's in your current top wishlist?
Brand new crop tops for summer, ripped jeans (or normal jeans to cut by myself), mary jane shoes, furry cardigan, fluorescent tattoo choker, manic panic hair dye, lime crime lipgloss and witchy round hat!

The first thing that you notice in someone's outfit?
Shoes? Yes, I'm such a shoe geek and although I wear my beloved pair of creepers 90% of my life they mean a lot to me.

Any icons or someone famous that you admire?
Lady Gaga! She's my life guide. Seriously, I take her words on a spiritual level.

What do you want to be when you're older?
 I can't see my future which is what truly upsets me. There's a bunch of people my age that know all the universities they want to go to, things to study, places to get a job and I'm here watching anime or reading books and I can't find a place for myself. My big dream is to get a job in the fashion branch but how many people can make it? I wish I could live a perfect lifestyle, in a small house with a garden full of flowers but I don't believe in fairytales. Simple as that. Maybe if I could work my ass of right now, I'll get what I want but it's not possible. It's always "tomorrow" for me.

What can't you live without?
Probably my phone :( I can't live without constantly checking notifications, answering comments, writing notes or playing with apps. I can confess I'm addicted but well, I regret nothing. I'd rather be addicted to trying get a social life and making illusion for myself than smoking, drinking alcohol or doing drugs.

What kind of music do you like to listen to?
Pop and alternative I guess? Let me mention few faves: Lady Gaga, Lana del Rey, Marina&The Diamonds, The 1975, David Bowie, The Pretty Reckless and Natalia Kills.

When do you decide what you will wear for the next day?
I heard that our day can be much better if we have peaceful morning and when I open my wardrobe, I sit there for 15 minutes or more so I try my best to prepare the clothes the day before. But when it comes to outfits that I post on my blog, it's usually going with me through the whole week so I sketch or simply write my ideas and then I style it.

What's your number one rule?
Never try to impress other people. You can understand it the way you want: clothes, body, make up, friends, money, parties... I think young girls and boys should be told this very often as we keep forgetting what is important for us. That happens to me few times I week when I'm trying to make some decisions and I'm here like, holla Carolyn, is it something what makes you happy or other people? And then I have to re-think everything once again.

Thanks again for letting me interview you, Carolyn! <3

Where you can find her...

Monday, April 21, 2014

420 praise it

I finally got my shades in the mail which is great because my old Raybans broke (you will forever be missed, my friend). My mom says that I look like an old Chinese man with them and everyone else in my family are kinda ehhh about them but I love them so yeah :) They block out a lot of light which is good because it gets really hot and sunny here in Texas.

Beanie // Forever 21
Round Sunglasses // ebae
High Low Dress // Forever 21
Velvet Burgundy Platform Shoes // H&M

Saturday, April 19, 2014

WISH LIST *swoon*

1) Y.R.U Orion Sandals

2) Missguided Kikita Greek Key Print Oversized T-Shirt Dress 

3) Creepyyeha Heart Choker

4) O-Mighty Windows 95 Big Ass Tee

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

le chameleon: Minimal

Some days I'm feeling vintagey boho and other days I'm feeling alien princessy. Well this week I've been really into modern minimalistic fashion. There's something very mysterious and cool about wearing monochrome and little pops of gold or silver.


Unusual style inspiration
 //src unknown

One of my favorite fashion bloggers who dresses minimally is Visa Lom (jeez, even her name is high end). When you look at how she dresses, it looks so effortless and chic. You'd think that she shops at high end clothing stores like Alexander Wang or Kenzo but she pulls off all her looks with some pretty affordable places like F21 and Sheinside.

 //copyright 1FINEDAI

You can find her blog here and her lookbook here.

Please don't hesitate to leave any comments or to just say hi! :) Don't worry, I'm nice ^-^

Monday, April 14, 2014

Inspiration is not a 4 letter word #2: Risa/L!S@

I was having a hard time trying to think of who my next inspiration person would be when I chanced upon Risa/L!S@ on tumblr. My jaw literally fell into the core of the Earth when I saw her outfit.

Double Buns Hairstyle & Sheer Skirt in Harajuku

The only thing going through my mind was:
 WHAT?? what?? how...????? why what how?1/??!?!?!? 
in awe of what was before me.

Resale Biker Jacket & Sunnyside Up Top
WEGO Flatforms in Harajuku

I honestly don't know what else to say but...WOW.

If you'd like to check out more of her fabulous outfits or learn more about her, click here to be transported to her lovely twitter.

burn in heaven

MCR Top // Thrifted & DIY-ed
Denim Circle Skirt // ebae
Flames Tights // ebae
Platform Creepers // ebae

had originally planned to wear this to a car show with my hubby bubby but i ended up not going there but to church so yes, i looked really hardcore and not what people would normally imagine someone would wear to praise jesus (i got a lot of very confused looks).

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Casual Schmasual

So at first I had wanted to make 2 separate posts on this. One for the tattoo tights and creepers I bought and one for my outfit today but I'm just so incredibly lazy and time is money so let's move it, people.

Thank the lord for ebay. If you search hard enough (like I do, every second of every day), you can find some pretty good deals on some pretty awesome stuff. Unfortunately, my creepers came a month late and every night I cried myself to sleep but they're here now so let's all rejoice.

Flamin' Tattoo Tights// I really wanted these because I'm not really fond of showing off my legs when I wear a pair of shorts or a skirt so these give me a little bit of coverage and also makes me look like I emerged from hell itself (Texas' summer heat) therefore making me look pretty badass.

Platform Creepers// These black platform creepers have a 5cm platform height which I love because it's not too high and not too low, it's juuuuust right. I also love how incredibly light they are. It literally feels like I'm just wearing a pair of flip flops to the beach. And they fit perfectly because my feet are tiny and usually when I wear platforms, they're much too heavy for my feet and it feels like I have rocks taped to them and I'm climbing a 90 degree hill.

My outfit of the day

I really need to get a better quality camera but all I have is this Nikon Coolpix digital camera but beggers can't be choosers and I guess I have to be grateful because it's better than having a flip phone camera.

I'm about to head off to the hospital to deal with some business stuff so I need to look less odd than I usually do so people won't raise their eyebrows and tsk at me really angrily. It is also a little chilly outside so I figured I might wear a pair of jeggings and my lovely new creepers (I'm probably going to end up wearing these every single day for the rest of my life because of how versatile it is).

Black Jeggings // Forever 21 (thrifted from the children's section in Goodwill)
Heather Grey Socks // H&M 
Casio Calculator Watch // American Apparel (I bought one exactly like this from Singapore for just SGD$5 from Bugis but I lost it so my baby bought me a new one here and it was way more expensive so thank you thank you thank you baby!!!)
Tattoo Choker Bracelet // FASHION CAN NOT DIE Etsy
Rainbow Beaded Tattoo Choker // Harajuku Alien Storenvy (I've been wearing this every single day now and I love it so much. You can buy it from my Storenvy online store here)
Heather Grey Beanie // Forever 21
Loose Striped 3/4 Sleeve Top // thrifted

And that is me at the end with my face all covered up because I look like crap and giving all you nice readers a hug goodbye.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Inspiration is not a 4 letter word #1: ALISA UENO

So lately I've been really into alien princess/soft ghetto/cyber babe fashion and one of my most favorite alien princess/soft ghetto/cyber babe fashioners (?) is Alisa Ueno. *crowd cheers*

She is a 25 year old Japanese DJ, model, producer and designer of FIG&VIPER (quadruple threat wooh). She even recently released her very own app, Wunderroom for #ALISA, which i"m guessing is like a photo editor kinda app. I'm extremely excited for it to come out for android users but for right now, it is just for all you lucky iPhone folks.

Why Alisa Ueno is super duper kawaii:

1) Her hair

2) Her makeup:

3) And of course, her style:

You can find her on tumblr and instagram.




I decided to start this blog to kinda "file away" some outfits I wear into the virtual world and hopefully to kinda inspire others with my very fashionable ways (hah NO no i'm really not fashionable).

This feels really awkward like I'm talking to a little mouse that's looking up at me with a really cute and confused face.


hopefully after awhile I'll get used to this and one day become a super famous fashion blogger who is also very confused.

I'm not sure if I have to sign off or something...

Electricity Lightning