Monday, September 29, 2014


Beanie: Revolution Tomorrow
Jacket: Ain't Nobody Cool
Jersey: Mishka

Monday, September 22, 2014

dreaming of u~

Skirt- W.I.A (bought from Glint Shop Online)
Fuzzy Sweater- Vintage by shopEBV on etsy
Fuzzy Earrings- Angel Puffs on storenvy
Hair clips & Sequin Garter- High Finds on bigcartel
I Don't Care sign- ShopBenji on etsy

Friday, September 12, 2014

limecrime + mail day

I rarely wear makeup unless its black eyeliner or a purple lip to go out and I am definitely no makeup guru but I feel like makeup and fashion kinda go together so I got some LimeCrime to add some oomph to my outfits. I got the Carousel Gloss in Snowsicle to add some cute fairy glitter to my lips and I got an eyeliner in Orchidaceous because purple is like my thing right now (I swear I'm not on some beiber phase right now) and to add a pop of color.
LimeCrime Carousel Gloss in Snowsicle

When I first put it on my lips, I instantly tasted something like marshmallows and it was SO GOOD. I didn't put on too much so you can't really see much glitter on my lips  but of course, the more you put the more glitter you get. I drank some water and it still stayed on which is good because I have a purple lipstick from NYX and it does not last very long after you drink some water or soda or what have you.

LimeCrime Eyeliner in Orchidaceous

This is the easiest liquid eyeliner that I've ever put on in my entire life. Usually I have to struggle to keep my eye closed shut and to keep on smudging away all my errors but I literally just used my left hand (i'm a righty) and I didn't even have to shut my eye all the way and it came out perfect and straight and I didn't have to smudge anything away. Thank you baby Jesus!!! I also really love the color and the way it makes my eyes pop. It would also look really good layered over a black eyeliner.

Now, on to the mail I got today!!! Woohhh!!! I love mail!!! I honestly do. I've been getting so much lately because I've been online shopping so much but its like Christmas every single day. It makes me so happy. I think I'm even happier now instead of when it actually is Christmas haha. I got 2 parcels today. One from an etsy store called L666ser and another etsy store called prettylittlepolish. I got a purple (here we go with the purple again, Kristina) fuzzy top with a cutout heart in the middle for your qt cleavage and a clear pvc circle skirt and some other cute little goodies. They were all handmade and absolutely perfect!!! I can't wait to take some shots with them on :) And then, from prettylittlepolish I got my very first pair of claws!!! They are kind of neochromish and they match my new neochrome flame knife so I'll be putting up a new picture of them both on Instagram @cybr.grl very soon. I'm so happy with all of my purchases and you guys should definitely treat yourselves too!!! ^-^v

Monday, September 8, 2014

High Finds

Today I received the most wonderful surprise package in the mail from Meg, the owner of High Finds, a special and amazing online store selling chokers, swimsuits, bindis, Lisa Frank goodies and other fun, eclectic, one of a kind stuff. I found her store through Instagram and instantly fell in love with the stuff she sold. One day, I came across this super cute necklace that she made for another customer and I thought it'd be awesome to have one for myself too so I sent her a message and we started talking about how my custom necklace would look like. Meg is truly the sweetest person. She's even the mom to the cutest baby girl! Then I bought more stuff (white fluffy choker & nike sports bra) and she mailed it all to me. As some of you may know, my birthday was last Monday so she even added in a Marie birthday card for me :) You guys should definitely follow her on IG (@highfinds) and buy her stuff!!

p.s. The cybr.grl choker makes this really cute fairy twinkling sound whenever I move around 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

acidic princess

It's been about 2 weeks since I last posted and it feels like it has been forever! I guess I needed to take a little break from blogger for awhile but I have been really active on my Instagram @cybr.grl. I am literally on almost every second of every day. 
Here's a little outfit I put together (whenever I online shop, I always style outfits and write it down in a little notebook so I know what to save up for and buy and so I won't forget because I have the worst memory). The top is from O-Mighty, my #1 favorite store. I am slowly starting to grow a little O-Mighty collection. Unfortunately, the last time I bought from them, the stuff came 3 weeks late even though I paid extra for express shipping which was supposed to have my stuff mailed to me in 3-8 business days but I'm currently trying to work that out with them. The skirt is from Cosmo who is part of the band My Crazy Girlfriend. I got it from her Poshmark (this awesome app where you can sell and buy clothes and stuff for way cheaper than retail. I love sales!!!!) and she has a bunch of other cute stuff too so you guys should definitely check it out (her poshmark handle is cosmodoll4). The fuzzy jacket was from a storenvy seller for just $10 and the headband was from Adidas (technically, academy) courtesy for mi madre (love you, ma). 
Also, if you guys haven't noticed, I dyed my hair purple! It's not an obvious purple, sometimes it looks black but in the sun its like bam! Purple!!! I got it done at a salon which is a first because usually I just cut or dye my hair by myself. I wanted it silver but unfortunately my hair can't get that light :/ oh well. 
Electricity Lightning