Saturday, January 24, 2015

Slay All Basics

This was one of the funnest shoots I had!! As usual, my sister helped me out (even though she's the youngest one, ironically she takes the best pictures) and it was SO INCREDIBLY COLD OUT!!!! I was literally just wearing a tiny tank and a skirt and some fishnet tights and I was dying because the wind was blowing and I was shivering to death so I was like F IT!!!! and made the most of it :) Usually I have to spend some time thinking of poses but the funny thing was that when I was in a time crunch, I thought of more poses than usual (even though half of them looked ridiculous :p).

Spiked Beanie- Bought from ShopJeen, by Daniel Palillo (THE ABSOLUTE GENIUS)
Spiked Leather Choker- Harajuku Alien
666 Top- O-mighty, bought from Wenopia
PVC skirt- Lip Service
Fishnet Tights- Ebae
Mega Platform Shoes- Demonia, bought from

Friday, January 23, 2015


Hello fellow Earth dwellers, it is I, Kristina :)

I'm not sure whether you guys have heard but I made my own Youtube channel (wooohoooo~) like 2 months ago, if I'm not wrong!!!

I'm not angry, I'm just really excited ^-^~ whee~

The link is on the right >>> with all the other links but if you don't wanna go through all that trouble, here is the link link >>> KRISTINA'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL <<<

I'm planning on posting lots of different kinds of videos spanning different genres so I'm not just going to be making vids about fashion or beauty or whatever. I'll be making vids about my shoe collection or vlogs on vacations or how to make different kinds of stuff like pom poms out of trash bags or how to save money while online shopping (which is actually my next yt vid topic so keep an eye out for that!).

I'm trying really hard to make sure I balance everything and not forget about this beautiful blog, I'm so sorry for neglecting you, baby T_T I've been pretty obsessed with instagram lately but I will do my very best for the greater good of everyone!!! Right now, I'm also working hard to spruce up my online store by designing different pins and stickers and thinking of great stuff to sell. I don't want to just be stuck selling tattoo chokers because I feel like there are way too many stores out there selling them already and so I don't want to be just another tattoo choker online store made by some teen out there.

Ahhhh I have to wake up in less than 4 hours but I'm just here blogging away >.< what am I doing...
I've been sleeping so late lately and it's not even because of Enzo (my lil angel), he sleeps around 12-ish but it's just me :/ I keep staying up too late trying to clean and finish up orders or just browsing the web too much. I have no self control :( So I'm gonna add that to my never ending new years resolutions list!!!

Alsooooo, I recently tattooed myself!!!! muahahaha~
Like literally by myself, using a needle and all. The process is basically called stick and poke and I really want to make a tutorial but I'm quite nervous about all the negative opinions I might receive because it is a very taboo thing to do but FUCK IT. I'm thinking of either making a yt vid or blog post and I can't make up my mind :I Hehe I tried stick and poking my husband but apparently it was too painful for him so he chickened out :p I already have two snp (stick and pokes), a cursor on my index finger and a lil smiley face on my wrist area but I want more!!! Seriously, one tattoo is just never enough.

Alrighty, I'm gonna stop now so that I can force myself to sleep otherwise I'll be way too tired tomorrow so ttfn guys :) Thanks for reading all of this and popping by!!! <3

Current videos I have up right now:

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

HELLO 2K15!!!!

Hey guys!!
I am so glad that I finally found some time to start blogging again :) And I can't believe it is already a brand new year! I know, I'm a lil late (13 days late :p) but happy New Years guys!!! This year will be our year!!! I'm so excited for all the new things coming ahead~ My online store, Harajuku Alien, will be stocking lots more kawaii stuff, I'll be working my way towards getting my drivers license and this year I will also be more involved with shoots and styling!!! Whooooo~ 

Today's outfit is one of my top favorite outfits and I'm so happy to start this year with this! Especially because one of my biggest inspirations, Nicky Ottav, designed this dress :) As usual, my 8 year old sister helped take the pics but they look pretty good regardless. I got an iPhone 5s from my husband from Christmas which is what was used to take these pics. 

Dress- MaisonOttav by Nicky Ottav/ Print All On Me
Glasses- Cyberdog Official
Clear Bustier- Chromat
Jacket- American Eagle Outfitters
Boots- Demonia
Purple Tattoo Choker- Harajuku Alien
Electricity Lightning