Saturday, January 24, 2015

Slay All Basics

This was one of the funnest shoots I had!! As usual, my sister helped me out (even though she's the youngest one, ironically she takes the best pictures) and it was SO INCREDIBLY COLD OUT!!!! I was literally just wearing a tiny tank and a skirt and some fishnet tights and I was dying because the wind was blowing and I was shivering to death so I was like F IT!!!! and made the most of it :) Usually I have to spend some time thinking of poses but the funny thing was that when I was in a time crunch, I thought of more poses than usual (even though half of them looked ridiculous :p).

Spiked Beanie- Bought from ShopJeen, by Daniel Palillo (THE ABSOLUTE GENIUS)
Spiked Leather Choker- Harajuku Alien
666 Top- O-mighty, bought from Wenopia
PVC skirt- Lip Service
Fishnet Tights- Ebae
Mega Platform Shoes- Demonia, bought from


  1. OMG I LOVEEEE this outfit sm <3 U r such a big inspiration !!!

    1. and I love your yt channel ^^ ur literally the cutest <3

  2. did U delete ur last post? ;(((( whyyy, it was so cool ;(


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