Sunday, February 15, 2015

What Should I Do When I Wake Up Before The Sun Rises

I just woke up way too early and I didn't know what else to do so I decided to post some pics from a recent shoot! (Also, if you guys noticed I deleted the last post. I'm going to make some edits and add more stuff to it because I feel like I need to add some evidence and more explanations and to make it more understandable but that's the reason why, Emily :))

Ughhh looking at those snowballs I'm holding is making me feel so hungry right now. I could go down and get some but I don't want to ruin my appetite :/ 
Anyways, in this look I'm wearing a Jade Clark yellow fluffy crown and dratini halter (I had bought this from her way back but it got lost in the mail so she graciously sent me another one so thank you for that!!), a random mesh top from eBay, Long Clothing pants, and random flatform sandals from Aliexpress (these were my gateway shoes to platform shoes and now I only have platform shoes!! I'm going to be making a video soon of all my platform shoes ^-^ *spoiler alert*). Also I'm holding my purple alien buddy which I sell on my online store Harajuku Alien ( and as I e mentioned before, 2 amazing delicious snowballs that tasted so amazing!!!! Seriously, if you have not tried it, you really need to. They're so squishy on the outside and on the inside it's like WOAH CHOCOLATE!! Haha I need to make a blog post just all about snowballs. 

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  1. LOOOVE this <3
    ahaha thanks, already looking forward 2 the post yay ;)
    Ur style is really so inspiring omgg *_*


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