Sunday, July 27, 2014


This week has been pretty awesome (except for the fact that the letter "s" on my laptop is fucking up so I have to stab it with my finger every time I type it out) because I got my dream internship for the greatest company in the entire universe!!! *heart eyes emoji*
Anyways, I recently acquired lots of new clothing so I'll be posting more of my looks the next couple of weeks. Also, my husband is around more often so he has "gladly" volunteered to help take pictures for me!!! Wooh!!!

Holographic Baseball Cap
Purple Tattoo Choker Set & Cigarette Earrings- Harajuku Alien
Windows 95 Set- Omighty

I copped this set for $65 on Poshmark which is pretty reasonable considering it has never been worn and each piece is usually about $50. Haha and looks like a dress on me because I'm such a short stump :I 
Here are some outtakes...

I am sooo in looove with these cigarette earrings though! My mom actually thought it was real which made us laugh :p

I also started using insta so you guys should follow me if you want ~cybr.grl~ Have a great week ^-^v

Friday, July 18, 2014

Inspiration is not a 4 letter word #5: Charlie Barker

It's been about 6 years since this video was released and I don't know why but whenever I hear the name Charlie, this video comes to mind. It's just so freakin adorable with the little kiddo and his cute little British accent and his little brother who's just laughing away, just not giving a shit. Today's super mega fashion inspiration is also a British Charlie who I have a feeling has probably bit someone else's finger too...
(yeah her name deserves to be in blinking lights because she's that cool) Charlie is a model from the UK who not only is a pretty face well known for her tumblr pale blogger looks but is also extremely stylish, talented with a paintbrush and a sassy force to be reckoned with. She has been criticized for revealing her armpit hair in selfies which angers me alot because 1) Armpit hair is natural for both boys and girls and since it's okay for boys to have armpit hair, why is it not okay for girls? 2) We are a society that has been brainwashed to believe that a girl has to be a bald chihuahua to be considered beautiful and that is not a-okay 3) Having armpit hair does not equal being dirty and smelly. "The fact is, shaving has nothing to do with hygiene. Hygiene involves necessary bodily cleaning in order to keep you healthy and taken care of. The removal of body hair doesn’t fall into that category. It’s a societal idea that is enforced through cultural expectations, the media, friends and family. Not shaving can have serious social consequences. Women with hairy legs or underarms are usually viewed as unclean."
ur not my daddy

Well enough of my ranting, here are some fabulous Charlie Barker images for you guys to see~

painted my selfie for my exam didn’t i
(Charlie with her painting of Charlie)

(Charlie in Sowet, one of my most favorite brands)

I hope Charlie one day reaches her dreams of making it big in the modeling world and so for now we should all watch her on her way to stardom (and I have a really good feeling she will).
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