Sunday, July 27, 2014


This week has been pretty awesome (except for the fact that the letter "s" on my laptop is fucking up so I have to stab it with my finger every time I type it out) because I got my dream internship for the greatest company in the entire universe!!! *heart eyes emoji*
Anyways, I recently acquired lots of new clothing so I'll be posting more of my looks the next couple of weeks. Also, my husband is around more often so he has "gladly" volunteered to help take pictures for me!!! Wooh!!!

Holographic Baseball Cap
Purple Tattoo Choker Set & Cigarette Earrings- Harajuku Alien
Windows 95 Set- Omighty

I copped this set for $65 on Poshmark which is pretty reasonable considering it has never been worn and each piece is usually about $50. Haha and looks like a dress on me because I'm such a short stump :I 
Here are some outtakes...

I am sooo in looove with these cigarette earrings though! My mom actually thought it was real which made us laugh :p

I also started using insta so you guys should follow me if you want ~cybr.grl~ Have a great week ^-^v


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