Monday, September 8, 2014

High Finds

Today I received the most wonderful surprise package in the mail from Meg, the owner of High Finds, a special and amazing online store selling chokers, swimsuits, bindis, Lisa Frank goodies and other fun, eclectic, one of a kind stuff. I found her store through Instagram and instantly fell in love with the stuff she sold. One day, I came across this super cute necklace that she made for another customer and I thought it'd be awesome to have one for myself too so I sent her a message and we started talking about how my custom necklace would look like. Meg is truly the sweetest person. She's even the mom to the cutest baby girl! Then I bought more stuff (white fluffy choker & nike sports bra) and she mailed it all to me. As some of you may know, my birthday was last Monday so she even added in a Marie birthday card for me :) You guys should definitely follow her on IG (@highfinds) and buy her stuff!!

p.s. The cybr.grl choker makes this really cute fairy twinkling sound whenever I move around 

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