Monday, April 7, 2014

Inspiration is not a 4 letter word #1: ALISA UENO

So lately I've been really into alien princess/soft ghetto/cyber babe fashion and one of my most favorite alien princess/soft ghetto/cyber babe fashioners (?) is Alisa Ueno. *crowd cheers*

She is a 25 year old Japanese DJ, model, producer and designer of FIG&VIPER (quadruple threat wooh). She even recently released her very own app, Wunderroom for #ALISA, which i"m guessing is like a photo editor kinda app. I'm extremely excited for it to come out for android users but for right now, it is just for all you lucky iPhone folks.

Why Alisa Ueno is super duper kawaii:

1) Her hair

2) Her makeup:

3) And of course, her style:

You can find her on tumblr and instagram.


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