Sunday, August 17, 2014

Smoke a crack, break ya mother's back

I was super duper lucky to have won the giveaway run by the Asian Cracksisters, one of whom is the famous fashion blogger Dominique Nghiem. It was shipped to me super quick and I was really excited to take some shots wearing this really comfy and dope top but I've decided that I'm only going to do shoots every Sunday and name it some punny and lame name like Selfie Sundays or something.
Haha I bought a whole new bunch of clothes so be prepared for more "Selfie Sundays" (lmao it sounds embarrassing). Also, I'm super excited because tomorrow I'll be getting my hair dyed by an almost professional, meaning a student from a beauty school! It's way cheaper than a normal salon but I think it'll be a fun experience. I can't wait for all of you to see the awesome new color I have in mind!!! ^-^
Be sure to check out for amazing, unique (they're only gonna be making 15 of each piece) clothing and stuff!

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  1. Hey Kristina <3 I nominated you for the Liebster award; it's just a sort of questionnaire game to support blogs you love. If you want to do it the link to my post is here :)


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