Sunday, April 26, 2015

Take A Chill Pill~

It's exactly 7.44am and I have been up all night, trying to cool my nerves down. Last night (well, a couple of hours ago), I was trying to edit a bunch of pictures Noelani (my super duper awesome friend who is super gorgeous who helped me out yesterday by modeling in my new products for Harajuku Alien) and I took yester-yesterday during our sleepover when my camera's SD card messed up and all the pictures and videos (we also filmed an entire video in just one take for my YouTube channel) ended up getting deleted. I got REALLY REALLY MAD like so mad that I couldn't even cry because I was SO FREAKING ANGRY THAT STEAM STARTED SHOOTING OUT OF MY EARS AND YOU COULD SEE FLAMES IN MY EYES AND DEVIL HORNS STARTED GROWING OUT OF MY HEAD. But after some hugs from my husband and my lil Enzo, I started to calm down a little but then I started getting mad at myself for messing up. So I was like, F it I'm just going to stay up all night and do things so that I can sort everything out in my head and cool down. Sometimes we humans just lose out over simple things that just can't be avoided. But a reminder to everyone and myself especially, ALWAYS SAVE ALL YOUR PICTURES AND VIDEOS ONTO YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE YOU REMOVE YOUR SD OR USB OR WHATEVER. And also, WE ARE ALL JUST HUMANS! SOMETIMES WE MAKE MISTAKES! BUT DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP ABOUT IT! THINGS'LL GET BETTER! IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! NOBODY'S PERFECT, I GOTTA WORK IT, AGAIN AND AGAIN TIL I GET IT RIGHT~ (haha that's enough Hannah Montana songs for now)

 But anyways, how are you guys?? How's life?? It's been about a month since I last blogged which isn't so bad :-) Hmmm I guess I'll just update you guys on what's been going on in my life. Well, I think 2/3 weeks ago I got all my wisdom teeth removed which SUCKED ASS. I was really pumped about it at first before I got them removed because I thought they'd put me on laughing gas and I could take a funny video of me saying weird things after but they put me on anaesthesia instead which I guess is better because I read up that if they put you on laughing gas you'll be awake the entire time which sounds horrifying? So yeah, they had to poke me a bunch of times because I have tiny veins :-( til they finally got it and started pumping in all the medicine through the tube and I was just staring at the ceiling thinking, "hmm this isn't working...what if I wake up halfway?...maybe I should close my-" and then I just fell asleep right away. When I woke up, my husband and the nurse were already dragging me into the car and my head was so woozy and on the drive home I was just slumped over and I felt like a ragdoll. The rest of the day I just slept and that was it. But it was the aftercare that was THE WORST. My gums were sore and I felt like I had blisters in my cheeks and I had a terrible headache and I felt like puking 24/7 and it was just so so bad. I could only eat soft stuff like oatmeal and it was so hard to drink water with the gauze in my mouth haha and it was so hard to speak too! I had to pull through after about 5 days and then things got better again and now I can finally eat yummy kettle corn popcorn again!! WOOOHHOOOO~~~

This past week was really amazing though because it was fashion week and I got to go to my very first fashion show here in Austin!! I finally decided that I want to start getting more involved in the Austin fashion community and also to start a revolution of young fashion here because I hardly ever see anyone about my age dressed up here (or maybe I just don't go out much :-P). Eventually I'd love to organize a contemporary fashion show showcasing young designers and stylists and whatnot!! My husband and I went with my new URL friend turned IRL friend (we met on twitter when I creeped up on her haha), Paris. You can check us out on the Austin Fashion Week page (I got so excited when I found us ^-^) here >> << I think we're the 19th picture but you can check it out on my IG page too (@cybr.grl). Everything was really fancy and they decorated the place with pretty balloons and streamers and whatnot. And everyone was dressed to the nines while here's me in my seapunk Timefly poncho and chainlink harness hahaha. But yeah, it was an awesome experience! I got to purchase a really cute green treansparent PVC fanny pack from this really nice lady (the brand is Dueces to Divas, you should definitely check her stuff out!!), we got outfit illustrations and I also met this awesome chick who's starting out in the Austin fashion world too and she was SOOOOOO COOOOLLLLL!!! Like I saw her with her blue NYX lipstick and I had a girl crush immediately >.< The fashion show itself was also really interesting. I really loved the Mash Up Team looks the best though because they were all so avant garde which is what I'm into. Overall, Austin has alot of talent and I'm so happy to be living here~ And then on Thursday we went to Fusion, the University of Texas' Textiles and Apparel fashion show. It was at the Frank Erwin Center which was HUGE!!! It was like a giant circle and it's so awesome because that's were a bunch of WWE shows were held hehe~ But yeah, there were alot of people and everyone was really supportive and cheering for their friends. I really loved the looks by this one guy who won like all the awards though!! Haha that's probably why he won most of them because he was so amazing but he had this one look, I think it was for bridal if I'm not mistaken, with this GINORMOUS crown and it was so elegant and beautiful and I wanted one for myself for my own wedding so badly!!!! After watching the show I really felt like I wanted to go to UT to study apparel design but we'll see how things go. Always expect the unexpected in life :-) 

 Alrighty, so we've come to the end of this blog post (because I'm crazy tired and my eyes won't stay open any longer)! Thank you so much for reading this far and I'm also planning on making more posts on my favorite stylists and designers and more fashion-ey stuff and also continuing the interview series that I had going on so don't worry~ HAVE AN AWESOME WEEK!!!!!! <3

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