Sunday, May 25, 2014

sit down, cujo

I am so happy that my platform sandals are finally here!!! I had to hunt through Aliexpress for them but all that effort was worth it. The price was reasonable too (less than USD$30). They came really fast which surprised me because shoes from China usually take awhile to reach you but these just came in about a week. The seller was also really nice and responsive. I also got some zipper earrings from ebae because I have one transparent spiral gauge on my left ear and my right ear felt kinda naked so yeah. They were just 99 cents so woohoo~ I'm not sure what the name of my dress is so I'm just gonna name it "The Cujo Dress".

Anyways, JUST ONE MORE WEEK TIL I GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL!!! I am hella excited because the graduation is going to be held @ Houston and my family and I are gonna go on a road trip.


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