Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"drink your water!!!" -mom

neon yellow beanie heck yea // ebae
evian baby oversized tee // thrifted
high waisted shorts // stellar cunningness on storenvy
fluffy jacket // shop my closet on storenvy

so i guess you could call this a haul post because these are all my recent purchases. some of y'all have seen the evian baby commercial or nah...

the shirt has a super cute bod of a baby on it thus making it seem like i have a super cute bod of a baby. i literally lol-ed at goodwill when i found it and just had to have it. i've always wanted a pair of high waisted shorts and found this amazing store on storenvy (the link is above). i got to order my own custom made pair of shorts and the owner is so lovely. i've also always wanted to own my own fluffy/furry/fuzzy jacket and found this on storenvy as well. its not going to be cold here in texas for awhile but i still got it because YOLO.

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