Thursday, May 22, 2014

$̶$̶$̶$̶$̶$̶$̶$̶ with Forever 21

I love cute clothes but finding cute clothes for 100% times cheaper is 100% better (*ΦωΦ*)
So I curated this list of clothes and their cheaper counterparts that I found on to help out some girls (or guys) out there who want to save some extra cash.

Grungy Schoolgirl:

UNIF Dropout Suspender Dress [src] UNIF Dropout Suspender Dress- $128

 [src] School Girl Suspender Dress- $32.80

Minimalistic Chic:

 [src] Hello Parry Biker Asymmetric Leather Skirt- $58

[src] Cutting Edge Asymmetrical Skirt- $19.80

Cyber Babe:

 [src] UNIF Gammaray Skirt- $102

 [src] Futuristic Mini Skirt- $19.80

Comfy Swag (?):

[src] BOY London Hoodie- $123.85

 [src] Oversized Boy Sweater- $22.80

Of course, you can't beat original, quality stuff but it's always nice to save up some extra cash so that you can buy more clothes!!!!! Also, Forever 21 is currently having a 30% off sale online right now so everything on here is much more cheaper (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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